Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I care for my purchase?


    If your piece is adorned with any Mother of Pearl Luster, white or yellow gold Luster or any 3-dimensional additions it cannot go in dishwasher. Gentle handwashing is recommended.

    Handwashing with warm mild soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth (do not utilize abrasive scrubbers) after use will maximize the beauty of your piece for a lifetime.

    When utilizing a dishwasher, it is recommended using the top shelf, being careful with placement and aware of movement.  Note: Some harsher detergents can contain chemicals which can diminish the finish. 


    Your pottery is microwave safe with the exception if your piece contains any Mother of Pearl Luster, white or yellow gold Luster or metal pieces added on the piece, these can NOT go in the microwave.

    Sides of some pieces may become hot after microwaving.  Utilize the handle and foot to move pieces out of the microwave.

    Temperature Control

    Pottery is capable of handling hot and cold temperatures.  However, when a piece is moved from one extreme to the other it can crack.  The pottery is oven safe when placed into a cool oven and brought up to temperature.  Never place a ceramic piece directly into a hot preheated oven to avoid risk of thermal shock and cracking.

    Please remember that your piece is ceramic and can break if not handled properly.
  • Do you make all of this yourself?

    Yes I do!  Each piece is individual created utilizing wheel throwing and/or hand building.  I started on my pottery journey creating pottery in Jan 2021.  I started selling in shows in 2022 and the website was launched in 2024. 

  • What temperature do you fire to?

    Each piece is fired twice.  The first fire is called a bisque and is to cone 04 1945F and then a second glaze fired to cone 6 2232 F.  A third additional firing will occur if mother of pearl or  gold luster are applied.
  • Shipping Costs

    I do not include any of the shipping, handling or materials costs to the prices of each piece. This is all calculated during the checkout process to allow you to choose your shipping method and insure the best price for the customer whether they purchase in person or online.